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How to make the common user be sudoer on the Debian server

Before we go

I have tested all the steps many times on Debian 11 by Virtual Machine Snapshots. It can be reproduced step by step.

Anytime the message notices you to provide the password, just input it. Make sure you remember the correct password.

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[solved] Strange problems caused by three sticks of RAM

Recently, I bought a Hynix CJR 16GB RAM to upgrade my old PC. It has two 8GB RAMs, which are also Hynix CJR. I plugged 16GB into A2 on the motherboard, 8GB into B1, and 8GB into B2, to build the 16GB + (8 GB + 8GB) dual channel.

The system can recognize the 32GB RAM, running at 3200 MHz, with timing 16-18-18-36, voltage 1.36V. I think it’s very lenient for Hynix CJR, even with three sticks of RAM. I can use 8G + 8G, with timing 16-19-19-36, voltage 1.36V, very perfectly, no problems.

But I met problems during these days. What strange problems I met so far:

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Merge the old Steam Library into the Steam Installation path folder

The problem is caused by this:

If you have installed Steam on your D:\ driver, and you have the old Steam Library on your D:\ driver before, you will find Steam won’t let you add this old Library folder because Steam only allows one Library on the same driver. For D:\ driver, at present, it has been the default driver for Steam Library while you are installing the Steam main program. You can’t even change the default folder to another folder on the D:\ driver, it has been fixed by Steam.

There are two solutions:

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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.




“something counts”表示什么东西很重要、很有价值,所以我们只需要直译出来即可,译成其他意思就偏题了。

“courage to continue”也是关键点,当时丘吉尔说这句话的时候是为了鼓舞英国抗争到底的士气而不是同德国和谈,所以必须要点出“继续下去”这个意思。


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How to solve mouse wheel scrolling not working on Linux

Recently, I noticed a strange bug: sometimes mouse wheel scrolling is not working on Linux. Some interfaces are even worse, they can’t scroll at all. But if scrolling slowly, it would work, just still tend to be stuck.

I tried many solutions, and finally, I decided to change the system-wide wheel scrolling speed. Unfortunately, most Linux desktop environment doesn’t have any settings to adjust the mouse wheel scrolling speed. So we need a tinny tool to solve the problem. That is imwheel.

*** This solution is tested fine on Debian 11. ***

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VirtualBox settings for Linux Guest

First, set Paravisualization Interface as KVM.

Make sure you allocate enough CPU and RAM. If you’re running Desktop Environment, you should allocate at least 2G RAM. 4G RAM recommended.

If you meet any graphic problems, turn off 3D Acceleration. It will solve most graphic problems.

If you find disk I/O is very slow, go to Storage setting page, click “Controller: SATA”, then check “Use Host I/O Cache”. You will find your Virtual Machine run fast beyond your imagination, even thought the disk is on HDD, not SSD. So you should enable this before installing Operating System, it will speed up your installation. (VirtualBox disable this by default)

Set sound hardware as AC 97, not Intel HD, to get best compatibility. Otherwise, you will meet some strange problems while playing sound, especially laggy or stuck.

Finally, don’t forget to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, it will give you full power. Instructions here:

Last thing last, remember Snapshot will record the hardware settings too. After restoring snapshot, you should set your hardware settings again.

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If you run Pygame too slowly in VirtualBox or VMware, just change a setting to work fast

Try to turn off 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox or VMware.

VirtualBox settings
VMware settings

When you turn off 3D Acceleration, CPU will load much heavier instead of GPU so that you should increase your CPU power (increase your Virtual Machine CPU number, or upgrade your physical machine CPU). Though CPU will load heavier than before, that’s worthy because it only takes heavy load while running Pygame. While using other applications, CPU behaves as usual.

The system will pop this warning notification, just ignore it.

For VirtualBox users, maybe you find after switching VMSVGA to VBoxVGA or VBoxSVGA, it works more normally. That is because VBoxVGA and VBoxSVGA won’t enable 3D Acceleration. I recommend using VMSVGA by default.

So when you face the graphic problem, don’t waste your time like me, just turn off 3D Acceleration.

If you meet other problems while using VirtualBox for Linux Guest, see this post: