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The Congress occupied: the new history of America to fight against bureaucracy

I am glad to see after 250 years, Americans got into the Congress. This is their first time did this.

Why this is the first time?

Because they believe in the Constitution. The believe that the Congressmen will do as the followings and people only do their own things. By that division of labor collaboration, the country will run as well as possible.

But recently they have known that the whole bureaucracy system are corrupted and even the Congress representatives voted by themselves won’t listen to them. When Mitch McConnell stands with the Democrats and prevents the vote fraud challenging. When Mike Pence lied and betrayed them many times, American people get tired of those bullshit.

The power of the Congress are generated under the Constitution and the power of the Constitution are granted by people. Some people says those people who crashed into the Congress are committing treason. But in fact, they are using the power of the Constitution and under the protection of the Constitution.

I need to point out that I condemn those who smashed and broke things in the Congress, some evidences show that they are BLM and Antifa members. Those who just stepped into the Congress peacefully, they should be free judge of crimes.

Sadly, I heard some from the people died due to gunshot when they tried to get into the Congress. One of them is a brave woman once served the US as military. While in the year 1932, Bonus Army also hurt the hearts of the veterans. The dilemma of that time is the same as now.

When we look back to the history of the world, people around the world over periods had once occupied their Congress. Why? Because they know the bureaucracy are corrupted. Because they want their voices to be heard. They want to change something.

After the long term of 250 years, Americans have reached this moment. They find themselves are in a delicate lie and nightmare are falling.

Mike Pence said “Today was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol.” But as we know, the real darkness is the corrupted bureaucracy, including Mike Pence.

Politicians in Washington DC should consider their future, American people’s future and the world’s future.

Jan 6th is the beginning, not the end. America has a new history to fight against bureaucracy.

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