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The Congress occupied: the new history of America to fight against bureaucracy

I am glad to see after 250 years, Americans got into the Congress. This is their first time did this.

Why this is the first time?

Because they believe in the Constitution. The believe that the Congressmen will do as the followings and people only do their own things. By that division of labor collaboration, the country will run as well as possible.

But recently they have known that the whole bureaucracy system are corrupted and even the Congress representatives voted by themselves won’t listen to them. When Mitch McConnell stands with the Democrats and prevents the vote fraud challenging. When Mike Pence lied and betrayed them many times, American people get tired of those bullshit.

The power of the Congress are generated under the Constitution and the power of the Constitution are granted by people. Some people says those people who crashed into the Congress are committing treason. But in fact, they are using the power of the Constitution and under the protection of the Constitution.

I need to point out that I condemn those who smashed and broke things in the Congress, some evidences show that they are BLM and Antifa members. Those who just stepped into the Congress peacefully, they should be free judge of crimes.

Sadly, I heard some from the people died due to gunshot when they tried to get into the Congress. One of them is a brave woman once served the US as military. While in the year 1932, Bonus Army also hurt the hearts of the veterans. The dilemma of that time is the same as now.

When we look back to the history of the world, people around the world over periods had once occupied their Congress. Why? Because they know the bureaucracy are corrupted. Because they want their voices to be heard. They want to change something.

After the long term of 250 years, Americans have reached this moment. They find themselves are in a delicate lie and nightmare are falling.

Mike Pence said “Today was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol.” But as we know, the real darkness is the corrupted bureaucracy, including Mike Pence.

Politicians in Washington DC should consider their future, American people’s future and the world’s future.

Jan 6th is the beginning, not the end. America has a new history to fight against bureaucracy.

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Will America to be new South Africa? The real problem is not only that simple.

Due to this unfair election, many people say that America will be a new South Africa. It sounds like a racist idea but that is not exact because many people misunderstand the real meaning of it.

To be a new South Africa means the tyranny of the majority, especially the anti-wisdom majority. A country may be prosperous before but then the anti-wisdom and corrupted majority seized the regim and then spare the whole country’s source to the majority and then the country will begin to lose vigor. Why? Because due to the bad human characteristics, people would tend to be lazy and want to get food for free.

Sound familiar? Maybe the Americans know the history of Soviet Union very well. And when you try to examine the Democrats’ political ideas and theories, it’s the same.

I don’t think Trump is a savior but he is a real patriot. He doesn’t want to see America falling down. He doesn’t want to see the world falling down. But four years later, what we see is a cruel world surrounded by evils.

Even today I don’t know what will happen to make Trump win the election. I heard that millions of people will appear in the Washington DC on Jan 6th to support Trump and guard the Constitution. I hope they will succeed.

But even Trump win the election, so what?

You see the whole administration system highly corrupted, including the Congress and the Supreme Judge and the Media. The fathers of the US referenced Roman Republic to design the US administration system. However, after nearly 250 years, the system doesn’t work. The Congress representants don’t listen to their voters’ voice. The Supreme Judge loses its individual rights to keep the balance and find out the fraud.

So can you tell me if the president is still Trump, so what?


Once Obama the liar said ‘change has come to America.’ Yes, the America goes into the darkest era.

Rome Republic fell apart into two parts. I think if the chaos cannot be dealt within the US, the US will fall apart into two parts too. Although one half and the other half cannot rule the country together, two parts will be good: a good part and a bad part, that will make sure not the whole country be a bad one.

Due to the US is federalism, it is easy to make things happen. The last resort to keep the remaining civilization. You will never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep. So if it gets tense, just go away, just move. When the first bath of Americans arrived in Plymouth, they have determined their minds. They prayed to God for blessing.

Time is young, but we are not old enough. The civilization of humans is nothing indeed. It’s delicate and easy to be broken.

I love studying history, but the more I know, the more I understand that the history of human is just a joke.

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VS Code SSH remote connect to Linux Server (Hand-by-hand Full Solution)

First of all, forget the one who told you using Putty to generate the key, it’s outdated now.

Why? Because in the past, only Linux supports SSH so that Windows should use third party tool to realize SSH remote connection. But now Windows 10 supports native SSH Client, so you must get used to this one and avoid strange errors or wrongs.

Then, let’s see how to generate SSH key by native SSH Client. It’s easy. Open your local terminal (Linux or Windows) and execute:


In fact, though there is many options can be added, I only recommend one:

ssh-keygen -C username

Must be uppercase C and you can change the username to be any name you want to use, but that should be used to log in your Linux Server as its username later. It should be the same as your Linux username.

To get best experience, please considering to use root by default, or you will confront some strange problems related to permissions.

After you execute the command, you just follow the instructions on the screen. If you want not to overwrite the existing key files, change the default directory. If it suggests you to input Phrase, that can be empty, just enter directly.

When done, remember the default directory in the instruction just now? For Windows, you can cd into C:\Users\your_username\.ssh\; for Linux, you can cd into home/username/.ssh/.

Private Keys and Public Keys

Now you can see two files: id_rsa and

pub means public, so its a public key. For the other with no extension, it’s a private key.

Here is the annoying question: where should I put them?

Well, if you look up on the internet and you will find too much information about that but you will be more confused.

Exactly, ssh-keygen is just a tool to generate keys, that’s all. It’s not about how to connect. So whatever you generate on Windows or Linux, Client or Server, that’s fine, don’t care about it. You just use a tool to generate two files.

But then the following question again is: So where should I put them indeed?

Well, maybe there is many theories behind the scene, but let me tell you the simple truth: client stores the private key and server stores the public key.

For example, you have PC A and PC B, you want to use PC A connect to PC B, so you should store the private key on PC A and store the public key on PC B.

But you should always make sure they are in a pair because you may have generated many key pairs before or later.

Why the server should store the public key? In fact, it’s easy to understand. The server will show the public key to anyone, but only allow connecting with who holds the private key. Due to the key stored on the server is public, so we called it public key.

Store Public Keys to the Server

Now that we have known we should upload our public key on the server, let’s do it. If your client is Linux, thats easy, using:

ssh-copy-id user@host

But if you are using Windows, ssh-copy-id should not work. So we need to understand what ssh-copy-id does.

Okay, we find a new file called authorized_keys. Go to your Linux server (use shell, SFTP or GUI), create that authorized_keys file under home/user/.ssh/ and copy the pub file contents (you can open it by VS Code) and paste into the new empty file. Save it.

In case, reboot your Linux server now.

If you are familiar with Linux command line, you can create (touch or nano or vim) a file with filename authorized_keys and paste the text contents of the public key files into it, and then save it.

And now we should care about our path to store the private key. If you generate the keys on Windows directly, you should store it under C:\Users\username\.ssh\. If you generate it on Linux but you want to let it be stored on your Windows, you should download it from the Linux first. How to download it? I think SFTP is the best way. Use your SFTP tool to download it from Linux path home/username/.ssh and then store it under the same path on Windows.

Now we should check what we have done before we go on:

  1. we generate SSH Keys in a pair using ssh-keygen
  2. we store the private key on our client Windows PC (under C:\Users\your_username\.ssh\)
  3. we store the public key on our server Linux PC (under home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys)

VS Code Connects to the Server

Open your VS Code, install SSH extensions in Extension Store. After installation, you will find a new icon on the side bar. Click it.

You can add new connection by “+” button. Follow the instruction on the top popped out dialog. After done, click ⚙ button. It will let you choose the path where SSH key files store. Then you will open a config file.

You can edit something here:

Host will change the UI display on the panel.

Hostname: the IP address or URL of your server.

User: should be the same as ssh-keygen -C username.

Port: the SSH port. Default is 22.

If you are using Virtual Machine like VirtualBox, you need to forward your Virtual Machine port (like 22) to the Host Machine port (like 12345).

IdentityFile: if you don’t add this option, VS Code will use the default ssh path (C:\Users\username\.ssh). But if you have many SSH key files to store in different paths, you should tell VS Code where is that file. On Windows, the “\” should be changed to “\\”.

Edit this file as your condition and save it.

Sometimes, there’s a problem on connecting a server by a forwarded port. You need to use the server real IP directly. You need use “ifconfig” command on your server shell screen. If it doesn’t work, just use apt install net-tools to get it. Type ifconfig, you will see server IP on the shell screen. Use this IP in your vscode config file, and set Port as 22(or delete Port line because the default port is 22).

Before we go, a small thing we need to deal with: go to C:\Users\username\.ssh, you will find a file called known_hosts. Delete it, it will be regenerated itself.

Return your VS Code panel, move your cursor on the server you want to connect, an icon will be shown on the right. Click it and you will begin connection in the new window. Follow the instruction on the top pop out dialog, then everything should be done.

Enjoy it!

If you want to connect to the server by tools like Putty or Shell…

Remember, you must use the same username as your keys generated, or the server will deny connection. (Error message: Permission denied (publickey))

For example, if we generated the key with username jaylin, and you want to connect to the server by Shell, you must use the command below:

ssh jaylin@ipaddress

After log in as jaylin, if you want to get root permission, you can use

sudo su

If your private keys stored in some specific path, you should use command below:

ssh -i /path/id_rsa jaylin@ipaddress

If you still meet strange problems, try to delete the known_hosts file under C:\Users\username\.ssh.

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Continue reading “日本新本格推理代表作《占星术杀人魔法》及《钟表馆事件》评析”
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A stop job is running for Snap daemon on Ubuntu [Soulution and Thinking]

Ubuntu has a snap service built in, sometimes it is hard to kill when reboot or shutdown. If the progress cannot be killed easily, system will handle some time (default value is 90s).

So one solution is change the killing time for progress.

First, we need to have Administrator Permission on Linux. Execute the command:

sudo su

Then follow the message on screen to enter your passwords.

Next, we need to edit system files:

“Nano” is a text editor built in Ubuntu, so we can use it. Execute the command:

nano /etc/systemd/system.conf

Don’t be fear because you will find nearly all the text is blue. Why? Because they all comment out with “#” so that no line is effective for the system. What we need to do is uncomment a line and let that line effect.

Use your keyboard arrow keys to move cursor down to find a line called:


Delete the # and change the time to be 10s, like below:


You’ll find the color becomes white because it will be effective for the system.

Then press your keyboard with Ctrl+X, you will see the message on the screen to remind you to save changes. We press Y on the keyboard. Then it shows that you can change the file name, but we do nothing, just press Enter key directly.

Use cat command to see the contents of the edited file.

cat /etc/systemd/system.conf

If you are sure there is no error of that file, then you can reboot your system to see the effect, but may be only the second time to reboot will see the effect. You will see the kill time when shutdown will only be 10s. That’s fine.

To reboot quickly, use command:


But why Snap cannot be stopped as usual? If you’re using Virtual Machine, I think the answer should be there: maybe the snap service in Ubuntu has conflict with Virtual Machine software.

For example, while using VirtualBox, I just use snapshot function restored a snapshot for my Ubuntu server, the conflict will be there. If you just use the console to normally shut down several times, the problem will be gone. To normally shut down, just close the VM window and choose the second option to shut down.

I have changed the system config to 10s once before but I have never seen stuck any more after I normally shut down the machine.

Good luck to you!

Final solution

Ubuntu is based on Debian but worse than it. Although Ubuntu is very popular among developers, it’s still not a good option.

Ubuntu modifies Debian and preinstalls many softwares you needn’t. It will take too much RAM and cause trouble. Snap is one of them and causes too much trouble. Linux Mint, a popular Linux desktop distribution based on Ubuntu, disables Snap by default. Installing packages using apt is good enough.

If you feel apt doesn’t satisfy you, you can try to find .deb package. Much software, like Google Chrome and Visual Studio Code, will add its source to .deb package, so that after installing .deb packages, you can use apt update and apt upgrade to get the latest version. Also, you can use ppa to install and update the software. Read this article for reference:

Also, Snap has bad mechanism. Every software installed via Snap will account for too much space of your disk and update the software automatically. Software installed via Snap would have different file paths, which means it’s hard for you to find out anything, especially following tutorials written by others.

Switching Ubuntu to Debian would be a nice job, especially for server OS. But Debian also supports desktop environment and it works better than Ubuntu. You can choose which desktop environment to use while installing Debian.

If you would like to use Desktop Linux and want to enjoy easy installation, out-of-box experience and best compatibility, try Linux Mint. Debian Desktop is suitable for those who want to go deep in Linux and have skills to configure the system and solve strange problems. Even though I love Debian, I prefer Linux Mint as my daily desktop system. Linux Mint xfce edition takes much less hardware usage. It’s friendly to low-end PCs and Virtual Machines. Linux Mint has tweaked xfce theme and configuration so that it’s out-of-box and easy to use.

However, I found every Debian based Linux distribution would have “processing triggers for man-db” problem. See the detail:

But except for man-db problem, Debian is very good in my experience.

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You will never disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 1909 (Solutions attached)

As of the year 2021, Windows Defender has been improved very much. Though its UI not changed a lot, the efficiency (CPU consumption) and accuracy are very close or equal to those famous antivirus softwares.

Today the ransomware and coin mining malwares are extremely wild, I recommend you enabling at least one security software. I think for those home users, Windows Defender is enough.

If you still want to know how to disable Windows Defender, you can go on reading.

Go on:

My PC has been naked for many years because I nearly use anything unknown or dangerous.

For the older versions of Windows, which is before 1909, I disable Windows Defender in the Group Policy (gpedit.msc). Howerve, I find it doesn’t work any more.

If you install the OS all freshly and disable Windows Defender as soon as possible in the Group Policy, it will be fine. The Defender is totally sleeped.

But if you have opened and updated it once, the defender will be awakened and you won’t come back. It’s so annoying.

Even if you disable the real-time protection in the Group Policy, it will still update the data library automatically and turn on the real-time protection again.

Why must we focus on this problem?

Well, it’s funny.

You can open your task manager and find a progress or a service named Antimalware Service Executable. Click the “>” button, you will find a service named Windows Defender Antivirus Service.

The memory usage of it is very incredible, up to 100MB! And if you open a new program, it will check first, you PC will be slow, the opening of the software is slow and the memory usage will be added more.

Well, it’s not funny at all.

How to disable it?

As I said before, the Group Policy doesn’t work any more.

Here are two solutions.

Solution 1:

You can exclude the root folder of disk drivers in Windows Defender.

Forget the Chinese language and I wish you will find the option by yourself.

Solution 2:

Do as following. Copyright belongs to the original writer or the website.